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Kicking Out Crappy Affiliates

or...Why a High EPC is Ideal for Commission Junction, Linkshare and Shareasale The EPC is a number that every affiliate program on the major affiliate networks has, its like a batting average. EPC stands for earnings per 100 clicks. So if a merchant on CJ, Linkshare or SAS has an EPC ...


This Is My Desk!

Well, kind of. Welcome to my new theme, designed by Caboodle Design. The design process went along the lines of - Caboodle: How do you spend your time, what makes you you? Me: I'm mostly in front of my PC. Caboodle: Hmm, what about in your spare time? Me: I'm mostly in front of my ...


Link Removed

I'm a fan of out of the box thinking. This email actually caught my eye, firstly a non-spammy subject line and thenĀ genuine looking content. Subject: Link Removed Message: Link Manager: My name is Alex and I am the link database manager for xxxx. According to my records no reciprocating link exists between your site ...


IAB AMC is good for your CV

The IAB Affiliate Marketing Council was formed last year to much hurrah within the industry. Formal recognition of our sector of the online marketing world seemed assured. There seemed some confusion over the actual aims of the ANMC, but mostly a consensus that we were all moving forward together. Since those ...


How To Spam Affiliates4u

With so many voices clamoring for attention, how do you get heard through the noise on the heart of the UK affiliate industry? Here's a few tips I'm going to share with you to help you use a4u to the fullest of its potential.

About me...

Name: Chris Clarkson
Location: Strathaven, Scotland
Occupation: Marketing Director for sunshine.co.uk
Why This Blog?: Sometimes I have thoughts,
opinions and general ramblings that aren't really suitable for the company blog.
Why pfft?: Mostly because meh wasn't available.
Experience: In 2003 I built this
and then we did this with it. Now I mostly
do this and that and buy lots of these.

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