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Daughter of Geek

Conversation between daughter #1 and the good lady wife at the weekend. D#1: Mummy, come here, there's a spider! W#1: Where is it? D#1: On it's web-site! Heh!


I Blame The Kids

Thought this was worth sharing, giving you an insight into the daily trials and tribulations of an Online Travel Agency. We received the following email one day last year from one of our suppliers - I just wanted to provide you with information regarding one of your clients, Mrs removed who booked through sunshine.co.uk to ...


SEO – Aim High

When I was first starting out in Affiliate Marketing I read everything that was out there on SEO. I spent more time reading than doing to begin with. Most of what was true then still holds true today, the rules of SEO haven't changed all that much. Using the now defunct Overture Keyword ...


Where’s Doug?

Since being poked in the ribs by a certain Doug Scott I thought I'd better get back to some blogging. Doug's eloquently titled post "Chris Clarkson of sunshine.co.uk is getting lazy" seems to have done the trick. I am a little worried however Doug's blog may have been hacked, and someone ...

About me...

Name: Chris Clarkson
Location: Strathaven, Scotland
Occupation: Marketing Director for sunshine.co.uk
Why This Blog?: Sometimes I have thoughts,
opinions and general ramblings that aren't really suitable for the company blog.
Why pfft?: Mostly because meh wasn't available.
Experience: In 2003 I built this
and then we did this with it. Now I mostly
do this and that and buy lots of these.

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