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When Wi-Fi Won’t Weach!

I work from home in our study, on a bog standard Dell PC connected to AOL via a Netgear router. Lorna has a nice little MacBook that she uses to surf the net and punish our credit cards from the lounge. All was well with our little wireless network until ...


New Addition To The Family

I'm delighted to announce the Clarkson family is about to increase in numbers! It's not what you think! The good lady wife has her birthday and Xmas all in the same week, which makes buying pressies a bit like cramming for exams. She does her best to drop subtle hints (which ...

About me...

Name: Chris Clarkson
Location: Strathaven, Scotland
Occupation: Marketing Director for sunshine.co.uk
Why This Blog?: Sometimes I have thoughts,
opinions and general ramblings that aren't really suitable for the company blog.
Why pfft?: Mostly because meh wasn't available.
Experience: In 2003 I built this
and then we did this with it. Now I mostly
do this and that and buy lots of these.

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