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Frank’s Underwear

One of the things I picked up from ThinkVisibility was that affiliate marketing still has a bit of a stigma from those outside the industry. “Wild West” was one of the phrases used to describe it, so I thought I’d post a showcase of how affiliate marketing looks when it’s done right. 

If you’re involved in affiliate marketing, the goto place is the afilliates4u forum. One of the busiest threads of late involved Frank Paul (smingle) giving advice on domains and SEO for newbies and old hands alike. Frank has been involved with affiliate marketing for over 4 years, and this week just launched his new site underwear.co.uk after many months of development.

Frank bought underwear in Dec 2008 for an undisclosed sum (a respectable 5 figure sum I believe!), recognising the potential of the domain as a “niche killer”. With a plethora of underwear merchants to choose from, the site currently has over 10,000 products listed, with another 10,000 or more still to go on.

From a niche killer point of view, the site was already ranking in the first couple of pages of Google for it’s main terms with the holding page in place. Now the full site is up and running, Frank is confident the site’s rise through the SERPS will continue. At the moment the site is sitting around #5 for “underwear” and ranking well for terms like women’s underwear, men’s underwear and ladies underwear

The current holder of the #1 ranking for underwear is figleaves.com. Much maligned in the affiliate world due to recent changes in their affiliate programme, how will they feel about the possibility of losing their ranking? Doesn’t this mean affiliate marketing is costing figleaves traffic and sales? Well, not really, their brand now appears on 2 of the top 10 sites, so they get more coverage. Of course I’m sure they’d like to hold onto #1 all the same! 

Of the other nine sites in the top 10 results, three are included on underwear.co.uk giving them an advantage over the other six. From the consumers point of view, they get a comprehensive site listing products from lots of retailers and high street brands. Win Win Win!

Incidentally, Frank’s first sale was a commission from figleaves.com of £3.48 only 2 hours after the site went live. I’d wish him luck but I don’t think he’s going to need it! He isn’t done either, with bra.co.uk and knickers.co.uk the next projects on his list!

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  2. By Lee McCoy on Apr 8, 2009 | Reply

    Great stuff!!! Love niche sites so hope it goes well for you!

    Shame he couldn’t cross promote with http://www.sunshine.co.uk with a picture of the reverse of some underwear and the Sunshine.co.uk logo with the text next to it “The sun will shine out of your **** when you book a holiday with Sunshine.co.uk”

    ??? And I’m still in marketing???

  3. By David Fiske on Apr 8, 2009 | Reply

    Visions of a Sunshine branded CafePress store selling official Sunshine beach wear… :-P

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