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We’re Still Here!

What have we been up to? Since we launched sunPress last October, we’ve been pretty quiet here, keeping our heads down. Even our Barbados incentive was pretty much left in the hands of those lovely people at Affiliate Future.

Well, we have been keeping ourselves busy, here’s a few of the things we’re working on –


Admin side of sunshine has been revamped to cope with the volumes of sales, customers and staff that we have now. What worked in the beginning hasn’t all scaled properly with our growth, so Alan has been kept busy sorting that out. We also changed some of the technology behind our search system to allow for scalability and spreading the site across more servers too, but again nothing that will show up consumer side really (other than faster searches and an end to small outages due to load).

We’re continually adding destinations and hotels and keeping current information up to date, a never ending job for our content team.

New developments – we’ve bought a few domains to develop into sites, some are in current development, some in hiatus and we’ve even soft launched one of them.

New Domains (all .co.uk)

  • airporttransfers
  • majorca
  • tenerife
  • familyholidays


Airport Transfers is soft launched, it was fairly simple as most of the code was already being used on sunshine. Once we’re happy with its full functionality we’ll add more pages and get into some more SEO for it.

Majorca and Tenerife both have holding pages up at the moment, they will be developed over the coming months in a similar fashion to sunshine.

Family Holidays is about 70% done, however it was pushed into development hiatus while we worked on getting AT up and running. Content is still being worked on as I write.

We do have one other new domain/development but I’m keeping it under wraps for now. It’s probably the most exciting for us as it’s something a little bit new in terms of development and channel. It’s also not that hard to find, but I’m still not going to post it here :)


We finally acquired this domain after much wrangling with IEDR. Lots of thanks also to Sinéad Kavanagh (ex AffiliateFuture) for her help in acquiring it. Optimistically we’ll have some sort of site up before next year, but the months are flying past so it may not be that quick!


A lot of my time at the start of the year was spent on our latest investment / incubation project – www.findthefairways.com – a golf portal. Having spent about a month or so working on site architecture and linking it’s now working its way up the SERPS and producing a promising level of growth in traffic and sales.


I’d hoped we might get a major release update done over the summer, but it’s looking more and more like it’ll drop back a few months. There’ll be a post on the sunshine affiliate blog before then to harvest some ideas and comments from users.

Bloody Press

A little gem at the end. In case you missed it, TTG quoted Chris Brown when they weren’t supposed to a few months back and reported our turnover. It wasn’t actually turnover, but since it’s in the public domain you may like to know sunshine.co.uk generated ~£16M of sales in its last trading year, not bad for an ickle online travel start up. What’s the profit on that I hear you say? Heh, no chance.

That’s about all there is for now, not entirely sure it’s interesting to you but at least you know we haven’t disappeared.

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  1. 3 Responses to “We’re Still Here!”

  2. By David Fiske on May 20, 2009 | Reply

    Welcome back, and congrats on being nominated in the short list for the A4U Awards.

    Re: Airport Transfers – I love the design. Nice, clean and fresh.

    Re: Mystery Domain – Looking forward to the launch of this as the field is relatively untapped, in terms of what you want to do (if it’s the name I’m thinking about).

    Re: Sunpress – Please don’t update it too soon else I’ll have to recode the search part of http://www.cheaphoneymoondeals.co.uk :-P

    Re: Sales Figures – Congrats on these. Always nice to know how well a company is performing and how much of a significant player they are becoming.

  3. By Chris Clarkson on May 20, 2009 | Reply

    Cheers David!

    When we update sunPress it should be a painless process for users to upgrade!

    Mystery domain is the one you’re thinking of :)

  4. By Pete Dickenson on May 20, 2009 | Reply

    £16m in sales….Brown’s have been on holiday twice a month…profit = lots!

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