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Archive for March, 2010


Creating Tenerife.co.uk

Yesterday was a big deal for us, we had a baby! As you may have seen, our latest site tenerife.co.uk was launched publicly with a very nice article on tnooz. Almost a year after acquiring the domain and about 8 months since we started working on it, it's always a great feeling when ...


Greg’s DVD Box Sets

Following on from one of my previous posts, Frank's Underwear, I thought I'd occasionally blog about affiliate sites that impress me. Hopefully, "occasionally" will mean more than once every eleven months, fingers crossed. I was at the Affiliate Doctors panel at last years London a4uExpo and was hugely impressed by one ...

About me...

Name: Chris Clarkson
Location: Strathaven, Scotland
Occupation: Marketing Director for sunshine.co.uk
Why This Blog?: Sometimes I have thoughts,
opinions and general ramblings that aren't really suitable for the company blog.
Why pfft?: Mostly because meh wasn't available.
Experience: In 2003 I built this
and then we did this with it. Now I mostly
do this and that and buy lots of these.

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