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Open Letter to Affiliate Future / Progressive

I “heart” Affiliate Future.

Affiliate Future

We’ve worked with them for over seven years, as affiliates then merchants. We’ve seen them grow from the plucky underdog, to the biggest Travel network in the UK market. Maz Darvish was probably the first person to recognise the value in what we were doing with Holiday Watchdog, and helped us a great deal getting more travel companies into Affiliate Marketing.

Recently, it’s fair to say things haven’t being going well. Issues with payments to affiliates is the one thing a network can’t afford to let happen. As a network, there are two things you have to get absolutely right. Tracking and payments. That’s it, everything else is an “extra”.

I’m led to believe the payments issues of late aren’t actually a financial problem, but mostly technical issues leading to payment runs not being completed.

In our own dealings with AF of late, technical support/development just isn’t there. I know they lost a lot of key development staff after the buy-out, some of whom are probably irreplaceable. However, it seems that there hasn’t been much effort to fill this gaping void in the development area, as evident by the payment issues.

Progressive Digital Media

So, to Progressive Digital Media, the current owners of Affiliate Future. Please, please work very hard to reinstate AF to it’s place in the top tier of UK affiliate networks. A damaged reputation in this industry takes a long long time to get back, ask anyone who used DGM in the early 2000′s. Invest in the technical development of AF, as it’s badly letting down some of the best network staff in our industry.

Take James Little, one of the best relationship builders in the UK AM scene, but seemingly has to spend his days currently sticking his fingers in the dam that is the a4u forum.

I fear some relationships may have been ruined for good, a few of our largest affiliates were very keen for us to take our programme elsewhere, part of the reason for our recent launch with Paid On Results. Once you lose an affiliate’s trust it is desperately hard to get it back.

I’m not going to tell you how to run your business, I just want to point out these issues and hope it spurs some action.


if I were you, I’d get someone on the first train out of London, get up to Glasgow and speak to Paid On Results, who have by far the best tracking and payment systems in the UK.

From a very concerned friend,


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  2. By DougS on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Speaking as one of the large affiliates in the UK and definitely a large travel affiliate we sadly stopped dealing with AF ages ago as we just never seemed to get any responce about anything. The large networks all talk to us regularly, come and meet, etc etc….sadly AF have never bothered.


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