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Cruises – Not For You Common People

Yes, this is a rant. I read something SO annoying I dusted down the blog. Here’s a bit of background before I start.

CCS (Complete Cruise Solutions) is the trade supplier for P&O, Cunard and Princess Cruises. If you want to sell these cruise lines as an agent, you go through CCS who supply you with all you need.

It’s being reported that they are about to drop agent’s commission levels from 15% to 5% to stop “heavy discounting”, where some agents are allegedly giving away 10% discounts, sometimes more. OK, it’s a silly reason to cover up a commission cut, but that’s not the reason for the rant.

In an article this morning on TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) they asked a few agents and CCS themselves for comments on this. As you’d expect CCS toe the party line, saying it offers a bright new future, yada yada. Cruise agents aren’t all that happy, who would be when your commission just got slashed?

I get that, it’s not nice when someone tampers with your long standing business model. But perhaps some cruise agents need to take a good long look at themselves if they agree with the opinion of this un-named agent -

Another agent said it could lead to a change in clientele for P&O, Princess and Cunard: “CCS will get the quantity, but not the quality.”

So apparently this agent’s main cause for concern is that the commission changes will change the “quality” of passengers/customers who book cruises. Therein lies the reason for this rant. As a customer facing business, that seems a pretty 19th Century attitude, no? He’s happy to offer cruise deals to his customers, as long as they are the right “quality”. Unbelievable.



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  1. One Response to “Cruises – Not For You Common People”

  2. By Chris Frost on Feb 17, 2011 | Reply

    That’s shocking!

    The “cruise” we’re going on in 7 days time is the same price as a luxury family car! I doubt with my Merseyside postcode I would have even received a brochure had my travel agent opperated in this way!

    I wonder what the response from P&O, Princess and Cunard would be on this negative publicity…

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