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A Wet Weekend In Leeds (Think Visibility 5)

Another amazing weekend in Leeds at Think Visibility, sparkly gold hats off to Dom and the team! Despite growing in size every time, the conference still maintains a great atmosphere, with lots of clever people passionate about what they do. One of the best things Dom ever did was to have ThinkVis on Saturdays, meaning you have to be there in your own time (unless you’re on overtime, which is very #winning).

Most of the posts you’ll read after a conference concentrate on the sessions and speakers and all that sort of stuff. I’ll add a bunch of links at the bottom of the post if that’s what you’re after. This post is going to take you on a journey, a very different journey. A group of us from just North of North England decided we’d all travel down together by train, with a quick trip to Illegal Jacks in Edinburgh for a BeerSpongeBuritto.

Our party for the trip South was George Currie, Clarke Duncan, David McClelland, Mark Boyd, Andrew Burnett and Ian Daniels. We also enjoyed the company of Fraser Edwards who was just there for the burittos! Missing from this group was Shaun Anderson, who due to work commitments (or the inability to get out of bed that early) was travelling down later. Looking back, this may have been his first mistake.

Having stocked up on some refreshments we boarded the train for Leeds.

A while later I checked in on Shaun to see how his journey was progressing.

Our party train arrived in Leeds at around 4pm and we headed to the Mint Hotel, checked in, and headed down to the bar to join the growing Thinkvis crowd. If you ever wanted to know how good the reputation of  Think Visibility is, this is when I bumped into Justin Parks (from Marbella, Spain) and Branko Rihtman (from Jerusalem, Israel). That’s a long way to come for a little conference in Leeds!

We then headed out for some food at the rather amazing Fazenda, then onto the Alea Casino for the pre-event party. Then this happened -

Having missed his opportunity for a shower earlier, he decided to get cleaned up. After turning on the shower he got a call and opened his laptop for the follow up email, which gave him access to a new search tool. About 20 minutes later he realised something was amiss; the river of water running out of his bathroom, under the door and out into the corridor was his first clue. Towels, dressing gowns, sheets, pillows and duvets just weren’t enough to mop up the overflow, so he did what any fair minded person would do and came to join us all for a drink.

On returning to his hotel room after the Alea event finished, his keycard wouldn’t open his door. A quick trip to reception found the staff expecting his visit, where he haggled a £200 room damage charge down to £100 and got himself a new dry room. Unfortunatley there aren’t any pictures from inside the room, and knowing “it didn’t happen if there aren’t any pictures”, here’s the corridor outside AFTER the staff had cleaned up!

So if you wondered what all the talk of #sinkvis was on Twitter, now you know. Shaun provided entertainment for everyone at Think Vis with his antics and subsequent telling of the tale, including a half-hour session on the Alea roof on Saturday night, where those of us there will long remember and probably never laugh so hard for many a year! I do feel it only fair to defend him a little too, as legendary as this story is, he is one of the cleverest people I’ve met and should be considered a genius within the search industry. Like most geniuses, common sense doesn’t always come in an equal amount. I promised Shaun if I did this post it’d be only fair to give him a nice link – UK SEO.

Anyway, another brilliant event, with great sessions, pic’n'mix, poker and scalectrix. Get yourself to Think Visibility 6 on the 3rd September 2011.

Update: I forgot to give the winner of the poker a nice link, so here you go George – SEO UK

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  1. 9 Responses to “A Wet Weekend In Leeds (Think Visibility 5)”

  2. By James Zielinski on Mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    Quality weekend and a good laugh. For anyone interested in SEO or affiliate marketing on a personal level Think Visibility is great. You get to really meet nice people who are like minded and not there because they are paid to be. Makes it a cracking atmosphere which I have found so far unmatched!

    Was great to **belatedly** catch up with everyone as I decided to take the scenic train ride to Leeds of Newcastle -> Berwick -> Leeds :) Really nice scenery but boring as hell I missed out on the train giggles. What an experience eating at Fazenda’s was though upon arrival. Never seen so much fresh meat in slabs before. It was a dream come true! Pokerking (bandit) George could have just eaten the Lamb and Mint one for himself. Big thanks Chris! Great weekend summed up with #thinkvis #pokervis #sinkvis #drinkvis #sleepvis cannot wait for the next!

  3. By Pete Young on Mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    Thought this was the highlight of the weekend – particularly the ribbing Shaun got for much of the event.

    Great event again !!!

  4. By Hobo on Mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    Man this whole article is just littered with inaccuracies! :p

  5. By Carl Hendy on Mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    haha – so funny – gutted I missed this one for various reasons, but will be there for September – making sure my room is on a floor above Shauns!

  6. By James Zielinski on Mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    Funny that there was rubber ducks given out when a room was flooded. Chances of that Shaun? Did you make it on a later train back or are you still there? ;-)

  7. By Richard on Mar 7, 2011 | Reply

    Haha well done Shaun! I think it’s pretty impressive that you managed to do that and they STILL let you stay in the hotel!!

    Nice writeup Chris – good to see what actually happens at the conference other than the sessions too :)


    PS: Cheers for the link :)

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