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Open Letter to Affiliate Future / Progressive

I "heart" Affiliate Future. We've worked with them for over seven years, as affiliates then merchants. We've seen them grow from the plucky underdog, to the biggest Travel network in the UK market. Maz Darvish was probably the first person to recognise the value in what we were doing with Holiday ...


Greg’s DVD Box Sets

Following on from one of my previous posts, Frank's Underwear, I thought I'd occasionally blog about affiliate sites that impress me. Hopefully, "occasionally" will mean more than once every eleven months, fingers crossed. I was at the Affiliate Doctors panel at last years London a4uExpo and was hugely impressed by one ...


Frank’s Underwear

One of the things I picked up from ThinkVisibility was that affiliate marketing still has a bit of a stigma from those outside the industry. "Wild West" was one of the phrases used to describe it, so I thought I'd post a showcase of how affiliate marketing looks when it's ...


The Act of Introducing Something New

..is the definition of innovation, apparently. We've been shortlisted for e-consultancy's Innovation Awards 2008 for Innovation in Affiliate Marketing! Our entry was based on sunPress, our WordPress plugin for sunshine.co.uk affiliates. Fingers crossed for the 2nd December! Playing catch up, I didn't actually mention it here since, but we recently scooped ...


Vote For Me!

A bit egotistical, but bear with me. We're entering the e-consultancy Innovation Awards, specifically "Innovation in Affiliate Marketing". We'll be using sunPress as our entry. Fair enough, it's right on the cutting edge of innovation in my humble opinion! There is also a category for "Most Innovative Person in Digital Marketing", which ...

About me...

Name: Chris Clarkson
Location: Strathaven, Scotland
Occupation: Marketing Director for sunshine.co.uk
Why This Blog?: Sometimes I have thoughts,
opinions and general ramblings that aren't really suitable for the company blog.
Why pfft?: Mostly because meh wasn't available.
Experience: In 2003 I built this
and then we did this with it. Now I mostly
do this and that and buy lots of these.

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